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Affordable Financial Training

For non-Financial Professionals

Expert Instruction

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Play this short video summary of the programme


Step-by-step Financial TRAINING videos
Setting the scene-personal investing Free  
Finance Vs Accounting Free  
Financial statements overview  
Gaining access to Financial Information  
Profit & Loss Account  
Balance Sheet  
Other Balance Sheets  
Ratio Analysis 1  
Ratio Analysis 2  
Reports - other companies  
Depreciation 1  
Depreciation 2  
Discount Tables Free Download (eXCEL File) Free  
Pension Calculator Free Download (Excel File) Free  
Etc. (over 40 videos in total, see details)

Learn Finance Online

When you want !

Where you want !


These online financial training courses are designed for professionals and students who do not have a formal background in finance. If you have the ambition to understand the finances you will be in a position to help achieve a leaner more profitable organisation, as well as helping identify opportunities for the business to grow.


This sample MoneyWhizz Video gives you a flavour of the style of training provided to schools and young adults.

And this Overview Video explains why financial education makes sense.


"Business is like a game and if you don't understand the finances you are basically playing a game where you don't know how score is kept. No matter what your background, whether you are an engineer or in sales & marketing, etc., if you don't know how the score is kept you are going to get in trouble" (Joe Knight, author of 'Financial Intelligence')


The OECD have issued several reports on the Importance of Finanical Education where it states, “The evidence shows that highly educated consumers with high incomes can be just as ignorant about financial issues as less educated, lower income consumers”


The Ablata course material has a proven track record. It is delivered in short video modules, which can be watched when and where you like (on a variety of devices). Course notes are provided and these can be printed-out and used to reinforce what is shown in the videos. You can replay the videos as often as you wish.


Once you have completed the course material you receive a Certificate of completion.


A knowledge of finance is:

• Good for you

• Good for your employer

• Good for your career



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