Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ablata?

Ablata is an Irish eLearning business, established to help people from non-financial backgrounds to come to grips with finance and therefore play a more active role in business.
Ablata was founded by Eugene Daly, who has been teaching finance to business owners, non-financial professionals and undergraduates for over 20 years.

Do I need to have a financial background to take this course?

These courses have been designed for people who do not have a formal background in finance, Owners, Public Servants, Managers, Professionals, Supervisors, Undergraduates, etc.

How do I take your course?

Simple go to the Subscription page and choose one of the price plans provided.

How do I pay?

You pay online and the transaction is secured by PayPal.

Is my transaction secure?

PayPal works to safeguard your financial and personal information and encrypts all sensitive information sent between your computer and their system, ensuring that your information is kept private.

Do you provide discounts?

You will see on the Subscription page that if you purchase the Finance Level 1 and Finance Level 2 courses simultaneously you qualify for a significant discount, and you can gain access to the material within minutes. We offer discounts on multi-user accounts for corporations, non-profit bodies, government agencies, and educational institutions.
If you would like a quotation to enrol multiple users please send an email to sales@ablata.com, giving details of your organisation and the number of learners you wish to enrol. In this situation an invoice will need to be raised and payment terms agreed before access to the learning material can be provided.

How do I log in?

It is very straightforward. Shortly after you subscribe for an Ablata course you receive an email. By clicking on the link in this email you will be able to login. Your email address is set as the username and you then create your own unique password.
The link form the email only works the first time you use it. On subsequent occasions you log in by pressing the “Log In” button situated on the top right corner of each Ablata web page. When you click on this button you will be asked for your username and password.

I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password please go to the “Log In” button situated on the top right corner of each Ablata web page. Press on the “I have forgotten my username/Password” link. Fill in your username and continue. Soon after this you will receive an email with a fresh link, which allows you to create a new password.

I have changed my email address?

In the event that you no longer have regular access to the original email address used to sign up, you will need to contact us at support@ablata.com giving us your old email address and your new email address and instructions that you wish to changeover.
Ideally this request should come from your old email address. In this situation the changeover will be without delay. Otherwise we will need to correspond with your old email address to seek reasonable reassurance that you are the actual learner and not some other person intent on hijacking your learning material.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You have 90 days from the date of purchase to complete the course. Please note that this is from the time you purchase the course and not from the time you login.

Where and when can I access this course?

If you have internet access you can access this course, at any time of the day or night

Does the system provide a certificate of completion?

Yes. Once you have completed all of the course material you will be provided with a certificate of completion. This certificate only becomes available when 100% of the course material has been viewed. It is important that you download the certificate before your membership expires.

Are handouts provided with this course?

Yes. When you are logged in to the course you will see a PDF file which contains all of the handouts relevant to the course. You can read this file online or else print it off and use it to make your own handwritten notes while watching the videos, just like a classroom situation.

Who is eligible to access this course?

The terms of purchase are that courses are for individual use only and each paid up member will have their own username and password. For more information contact info@ablata.com

Do you advise/ tip people on specific investment products?

Our courses are purely educational and focus on empowering people to understand and use financial information. We do not have affiliations with any financial products and do not give tailored advice on individual investments. If you are thinking of making a large investment or a long term financial commitment we recommend that you seek independent financial advice.

Can I sample some of the course material before I sign up?

Yes. On the “Home” page you can access some videos which give you a flavour for the course material. Just click on the “Free” button to launch the video. Remember that the early videos begin at an introductory level and as you progress the level of detail continues to build. After that you can subscribe which allows you to access the material as often as you like during the membership period.

What is your refund policy?

Our course material is a software product and once you receive the codes to login you have free access to this material. Our online business model would not work if we made refunds after learners have accessed and used the product. Even in a conventional classroom setting it is unusual to get a refund when the cancellation happens in the days leading up to the commencement of the course. Our course material is very competitively priced and we are proud of the content and method of delivery. We hope that you understand our point of view. If your organisation is considering training several people we recommend that a small number take the course initially and “sample” the product before larger numbers commit.

Where is Ablata located?

Ablata is located in Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland

Is it possible to offer online quizzes to test learning?

Yes. For our standard online courses we do not incorporate this feature, but we can incorporate it into an online course tailored for your organisation. In this situation the questionnaire(s) would be incorporated into the learning programme. We can tailor this to suit your needs, e.g. setting a time limit on the test, setting a minimum pass mark, etc. For further details please contact us at sales@ablata.com

Can I pick some of Ablata’s videos and blend them with some of our own?

Yes. Some organisations wish to train their staff in their own unique way and for example may like to blend some of the Ablata learning material with some of their own existing learning material, to create a tailored online course. You can choose exactly the material you wish to present to your learners. It will be stored and password protected, specifically for learners chosen by your organisation. In fact you can create a “Team Leader” (e.g. from Human Resources) who will have access to the system and will be able to easily monitor how learners are progressing. For further details please contact sales@ablata.com

Is VAT charged on these training courses?

No. These training courses are exempt from VAT (Value Added Tax).

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